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Company Profile

Linkforce was incorporated in the Republic of Singapore in 1979 as part of AMEC plc, UK, operating under the name of AMEC Group Singapore in 2007, following a management buy-out, the Company changed its name to Linkforce Pte Ltd. The company, it’s subsidiaries and joint ventures are incorporated in the Republic of Singapore.

Linkforce Pte Ltd explores every opportunity with its clients and partners to deliver continuous improvements in operations and champions commitment in health, safety and environmental quality. Our commitment to workplace and environment safety through effective management systems brings benefits to our clients and partners.

Rigorous and detailed systems support our effort to continuously measure quality, performance and safety issues. Linkforce Pte Ltd is an ISO9001-2015 accredited organization. Regular and robust education and training for Linkforce Pte Ltd’s own people and our partners result in an integrated and seamless approach to best practice and safety programmes.

Linkforce Pte Ltd provides a wide range of services to major projects within the construction market. We are experienced in providing services at all project stages from project inception through design, construction and facilities management.

Providing such broad services on demand means adapting continually to rapid change while integrating many processes and managing numerous relationships. For the past 30 years, Linkforce Pte Ltd has cultivated itself as a service innovation company, which has aligned us with clients and their opportunities.

Our knowledge and experience give us the ability to deliver quality services to any aspect of the construction process. This is only made possible through a business culture that enables and encourages continuous learning.

Linkforce Pte Ltd’s dedication to excellence sets us apart from others.

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